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Stop the pain from your accident in its tracks

When you've been involved in an auto accident or suffered an injury at work, the pain can impact your everyday life. The chronic pain can make you lose focus and slow down.


Dr. Brent Kocis can help ease your pain and get you back to normal.

Get an experienced guide for the road

to recovery

Neck pain, back and hip injuries, difficulty getting around -

all of these can affect your life after a car accident. Dr. Kocis

has nearly 20 years of experience dealing with this type of pain,

and will use a caring, personal approach to have you

feeling better.


Contact us today and schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Kocis. Together, you'll develop a treatment plan to eliminate your pain and reclaim your life.

Care for all ages

Whether you are 1 or 101, our chiropractic services can

help rid your life of pain from an accident, work injury or sport injury.

Get relief from:

  • Lifting injuries

  • Repetitive motion injuries

  • Whiplash recovery

  • Strained muscles

  • Muscle tension

  • Headaches

Let us handle the hassle of filing your insurance for you!

Neck pain Chiropractic service